Admissions and Registration Procedure

The A.R.A. Nederland recognizes associated and registered members. The ‘associate’ status is a way of allowing fellow professionals access to our association by giving them the opportunity to apply for a registered membership. Since this pertains to a highly skilled level of our profession, certain criteria must be met. Hence, to become certified, the ‘associate’ member must submit their request with detailed Curriculum Vitae. This is then passed from the Managing Board to the Admissions Committee for consideration. It is also possible that a registered member of A.R.A. nominate someone for the Board to consider.

The Admissions Committee is composed of two, and ideally three, registered members; one is a Board member, the other a member of the discipline concerned and the third could be an additional member from a different discipline. The Admissions Committee will then meet with the candidate by visiting them in their studio, where further procedural discussions will take place, including the possibility of going into appeal in case of rejection.

The A.R.A. criteria form the basis of the Admissions Committee’s final assessment, after which the proposal is presented to the Board. It is then presented to the remaining A.R.A. registered members with the query if the candidate in question is known to any of them and if so, what kind of reputation does she/he have. If an existing member makes any objections, the Board will decide which procedures to follow in accordance with their House Rules. The A.R.A. member responsible for raising the objection is then required to give an account to the Board as to the reasons for their objection. The Board will then consult with the Admissions Committee in deciding the merits and foundation of the objection itself. The member who raised the initial objection must accept the final ruling of the Board.

After a positive recommendation, however, the Board will present the candidate to the General Assembly and the latter will vote. The ‘associate’ member can then be formally included in the A.R.A. Register once she/he has taken the pledge to honor the Ethics Code of A.R.A. Nederland. The newly registered member will receive a certificate as well as their own special page on the website, with a photograph, information and web link.

An A.R.A. registered member can rely upon the full support of the Association and this membership can also prove to be a valuable endorsement for potential clients.

The membership fee for Associate members is € 40,- per annum.

The membership fee for a certified Registered member is € 90,- per annum.

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For the purposes of assessing new members, A.R.A. Nederland follows the evaluation criteria listed below:

  • CV assessment
  • Candidate should have at least 8 years of restoration experience, excluding training(s).
  • If independent, a candidate must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and possess a VAT number
  • The course(s) followed will be evaluated as well as how long and under whom the candidate has been in training
  • It must be determined whether a candidate has the necessary knowledge of the appropriate materials and equipment
  • Explanations will be asked concerning the various methods utilized in their work
  • If and how documentation is maintained and kept up to date will be assessed
  • Whether a candidate thinks and works according to the Ethics Code of A.R.A. Nederland will similarly be assessed

Further criteria:

  • Can a candidate show a ‘work still in progress’ and how is this handled?
  • Has the candidate ever worked with other colleagues and how is this contact maintained?
  • Does candidate take part in extra trainings/courses and how does she/he continue and maintain their workload?
  • In what state is the candidate’s studio? Is it well looked after and the overall impression professional?
  • Does the studio meet the necessary safety and security requirements?

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