The Art Restorers Association Nederland is an association of restorers and conservators of works of art and historical objects that was established in 1991. Since then, it not only concerns itself with protecting the interests of this profession, but also to safeguard all forms of cultural heritage. It aims to convince, not only its members, but stimulate all of those who are interested in preserving heritage that there is a real need for good and skilled care. A.R.A. focuses specifically on everyone who is actively busy in the field of conservation and restoration.

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After a long period of preparation, the Register of Restorers was set up on 1 July 2019, partly on the initiative of A.R.A. Nederland.

Competence (education, professional work experience and professional competence) plays a very important role in the work of the Conservator-Restorer. After all, if the Conservator-Restorer does not understand his or her profession, irreparable damage can occur to the object. The Conservator-Restorer's Register makes this competence visible and findable for the client.

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