For the purposes of assessing new members, A.R.A. Nederland follows the evaluation criteria listed below:

  • CV assessment
  • Candidate should have at least 8 years of restoration experience, excluding training(s).
  • If independent, a candidate must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and possess a VAT number
  • The course(s) followed will be evaluated as well as how long and under whom the candidate has been in training
  • It must be determined whether a candidate has the necessary knowledge of the appropriate materials and equipment
  • Explanations will be asked concerning the various methods utilized in their work
  • If and how documentation is maintained and kept up to date will be assessed
  • Whether a candidate thinks and works according to the Ethics Code of A.R.A. Nederland will similarly be assessed

Further criteria:

  • Can a candidate show a ‘work still in progress’ and how is this handled?
  • Has the candidate ever worked with other colleagues and how is this contact maintained?
  • Does candidate take part in extra trainings/courses and how does she/he continue and maintain their workload?
  • In what state is the candidate’s studio? Is it well looked after and the overall impression professional?
  • Does the studio meet the necessary safety and security requirements?

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