De Goede Restauraties, Utrecht

Wood & furniture

Arian de Goede aan het werk

Restoration keeps heritage tangible. Where everything is subject to aging, it is important to maintain objects such as furniture against decay. It is up to the restorer to design this treatment in accordance with professional insight. From taking preventive conservation measures to reversible interventions in the construction of a piece of furniture, it is important to keep the furniture as original as possible. That while it preferably makes a good impression. The consideration of when to exercise restraint and how to intervene where necessary is what makes a restoration successful.

I like to work in a traditional way, this is best reflected in furniture restoration these days. Also my passion for history, classic styles and materials.
To further develop myself, I started studying furniture conservation in England at West Dean College. There I was able to broaden and deepen my knowledge.

By means of furniture restoration I can commit myself to the preservation of cultural heritage.


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