Art-Beid, Noordendijk

Sculpting, Woodcarving

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A restoration is the consolidation or replacement of parts of a statue or ornamental carving. At Art-beid we carry out restorations on:

Religious statues, Statues, Interior or exterior carvings
Consoles, Showcases, Front doors, Carvings on wainscoting, Decorative mouldings, Carvings on furniture, Etc.

Art-Beid restores the carvings/sculptures on furniture that serve as decoration of the furniture. These can also be parts of the construction of the furniture. (think of chair legs, backrests or the carved styles on a cabinet).

For Art-Beid, restoration of images means: consolidating and re-cutting parts that have disappeared due to wood rot, fungus or wood borders.


Clim Schots
Noordendijk 173a (atelier 9 & 13)
3311 RN Dordrecht

Phone.: 06 - 209 57 230
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