Studio Anna Stringer, Enkhuizen

Restoration and Reconstruction of Woodcarvings

Active since 2001

 Anna Stringer

"In my studio I restore wood carvings using traditional methods. A restoration plan is drawn up based on the customer's wishes, with respect for the object. Each piece of carving requires empathy with the relevant period, style and method of carving by the maker(s). Whether it concerns ornaments on facades, profile frames, picture frames, foliage or statues. We work with reversible materials and techniques. And we work with the originally used types of wood, to achieve the same effect that characterizes the object. If the wood remains visible, extra attention is paid to the wood direction, grain and drawing of the wood. Where necessary, we collaborate with other restoration specialists. For example when it comes to the finish. The restoration process is recorded in a restoration report. Clients include: museums, restoration studios, churches and private individuals."

Naast restauratie en reconstructie van houtsnijwerk maakt Anna ook nieuw beeldhouwwerk en ornamenten naar eigen ontwerp of in opdracht. Van een rococo spiegellijst, tot een wiegje in de vorm van een walnoot, van wrongstukken tot portretten in hout.

For more examples of restorations and reconstructions, see Anna's website.


Anna Stringer
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