Matteo Visser, furnaturerestorer, Dordrecht

Furniture ande wooden objects, also antiquedealer

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My furniture restoration company is located in the historic city center of Dordrecht and I specialize in the restoration of furniture and antique wooden objects from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, such as clock boxes, barometers, sculptures and objects d'art from for example China, Japan and the former colonies.

The restoration ethics.
I believe that a restored object should be technically sound; doors must be able to turn and close; drawers must slide smoothly. However, a restoration may not be at the expense of authenticity. Materials and methodologies used must have the same basis as those applied when creating the object. Restoration of the authenticity of the object is paramount when restoring. Use is therefore made of materials and techniques associated with the period in which an object is "born".

About the owner:
I, Matteo Visser (1973), attended the furniture school in Rotterdam and graduated in 1994. During this training I have followed various internships, including at the restoration studio of Noordeinde Palace in The Hague. After my school education, I worked for more than eight years at a renowned restoration workshop in Dordrecht. The work has not only been limited to the restoration and the techniques used. I also gained knowledge about the various styles and their development. Since 2002 I have been established as an independent restorer in Dordrecht and I follow professional training courses and symposiums.


Matteo Visser
Binnen Walevest 102
3311 AB Dordrecht
Tel. 078-6143199
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