De Groot Schilderijenrestauratie, Alkmaar

Restoration of paintings

jazzy de groot

I, Jazzy de Groot (1992), am an independent restorer with a professional doctorate in the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. I specialise in the restoration and conservation of paintings and painted objects.

After graduating as an art historian in 2013 from the University of Amsterdam, I took the Master's degree in Conservation & Restoration of Cultural Heritage. After completing my master's degree in 2015, I worked as a restorer during the post-initial phase of the programme at Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg and at the Van Gogh Museum and I completed a research project at the Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed. In 2017 I completed the course in its entirety. As a restorer I am affiliated with Restauratoren Nederland (member of the staff since 2019), ICOM-CC and IIC. I work according to the rules of conduct prescribed by E.C.C.O.

After the training I started as an independent restorer and I work for museums, private individuals and the art trade. In 2018 I worked as a conservator at the Van Gogh Museum. By collaborating with various institutions and highly experienced conservators and by attending and following international conferences, the knowledge of the field expands and remains up to date.



Jazzy de Groot
Lombardsteeg 29
1811 LA Alkmaar
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