Atelier Marmorie, Lopik

Restorer of paintings and more

mariska van bezooijen

Why did I choose to do this eleborated work?

Actually because it has always fascinated me! People often see a dirty or broken figurine and / or painting and see it as rubbish or "can not be saved". People who know me well will see my eyes gleaming and declare me crazy when I take it home, but are always surprised when I show them the end result!

In essence I sit there with my nose on top if I restore something. I see the brush strokes of the artist, how it is built up, all the details with sometimes a lost hair from the brush. You learn to "know" the object.

For me it is always a challenge to get the best out of an object and return it as close as possible to its original state. It always gives satisfaction!


Mariska van Bezooijen
Lopikerweg oost 111
3411 LX Lopik
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