Restauratieatelier Verbiest, Tilburg

SPaintings, frames, painted objects and paper restoration.

Restauratie Atelier Verbiest webFrom 2011 to 2018 I have been working at various major calamities (fire and water damage) companies. Here I worked closely with paper conservators, art handlers, bookbinders and book restorers. I myself had the function of paper, paintings and painted objects as a restorer. Since 2018 I have set up my own restoration workshop in Tilburg.

Through contacts with other restorers and by following various courses, workshops and symposia, I keep abreast of the latest techniques and developments in the profession. Also since 2011 I have made good contacts with paper, paintings and icons restorer Vasili Lianouridis who taught me many tricks of the trade.


Restauratie Atelier Verbiest
Doctor Mollerlaan 16, 5141 EM Waalwijk

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