Art-Decor, Heerenveen

Painted historical interiors and painted objects


Conservation and restoration of painted (historical) interiors, painted objects, mourning boards, paintings, color research, advice, reporting and documentation. Working as an independent restorer since 1991, 30 years of experience. Owner of Art-Decor (1994) restoration company in Heerenveen.

Art-Decor deals with painted (historical) interiors and objects from the 17th to 20th century. It concerns (preventive) conservation and restoration of (decorative) finishes, wall and ceiling paintings. Algera is known for the restoration of mourning signs. Art-Decor works closely with a team of specialists from various fields from home and abroad.
Disciplines of the team
Restorer Randolph Algera is a threefold master: in painting techniques, wall coverings and brush techniques. He updates his professional knowledge by regularly attending (university) courses. He is also engaged in research, reporting, documentation, advice and giving lessons and subject-specific lectures. His wife Gabriëlle Westra has been working in the company since 2011, she is following additional studies for this. Art-Decor is also a recognized training company.
Algera's work is often nominated. In 2013 he won the all over National Painters' Prize and also 1st prize in the category restoration / decoration for the total project Jugendstil Villa RamsWoerthe in Steenwijk. His projects are regularly in the regional and national press.
In 2015 Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra both obtained the Masters title in Painting at the Classical Academy Groningen. He immediately wins the Prix de Norvège and her work has been nominated several times for the Dutch Portrait Prize.
The power of Art-Decor
Team Art-Decor is well trained in craftsmanship and art and has a broad vision. The team understands restoration and conservation techniques and endorses professional ethics. The classical knowledge of painting adds value to the years of experience in the craft of restorer.
The clients are monument managers, but also business and private clients, nationally and internationally.


Art-Decor Randolph Algera
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