Schitterend, Diemen

Glass etching, gilding, imitation painting, letter painting, decorative painting techniques.

Erik Winkler

I started with a university degree in chemistry and have my master's degree in Art History and Archaeology. After my studies I specialized in making and restoring all kinds of decorative objects using techniques such as gilding, trompe l'oeil, glass etching, glass gilding, glass silver plating, making antique mirrors, letter painting, ceiling paintings, murals, 3d work in wood and other materials. , marble and wood imitations etc. use. I have gained this knowledge and techniques through international internships, courses and training with leading craftsmen who are each specialized in various decorative techniques. In the past 15 years I have acquired a wealth of information and experience, whereby I carry out conservations, restorations or reproductions with an eye for heritage, history and respect for the work. The craft and the associated professional knowledge of decorative painting techniques are also highly regarded by me and I also try to actively preserve and pass it on by placing and safeguarding them on the inventory list of the Dutch Intangible Heritage List. I also give courses to keep the level and knowledge of these techniques high.


Erik Winkler
Stammerkamp 14
1112VH Diemen
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