Corinna de Regt Conservering en Restauratie, Roermond

Restoration of archaeological glass, modern glass, Egyptian faience, archaeological ceramics, modern ceramics, plaster, stone and related materials.

Corinna de Regt

As an archaeologist, cultural heritage expert and restorer I have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of material heritage. I am specialized in ceramics and glass and have a special interest in vulnerable archaeological material and objects from ethnographic collections, but I also have experience in the restoration of modern objects.

Besides restoration, I like to share my knowledge by writing articles and giving tours, workshops and guest lectures.

I have many years of experience working in various museums and like to apply my knowledge about collection management, preventive conservation and museum management.


Corinna de Regt
Gershwinstraat 1
6044VC Roermond
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Phone.: 0639596615