A conference on the preservation or restoration
of complex collection objects

18 -19 -20 November 2015, Museum Boerhaave, National Museum for the History of Science and Medicine, Leiden, the Netherlands.


In every museum collection there are objects that because of their complex nature are more challenging to preserve than others. It may be objects comprised of a variety of materials, components made from materials that affect the stability of the object both chemically and structurally or objects made from materials that so far do not have a standard method of conservation. This results in conservators and curators having to reach out and work interdisciplinary both within the field and with other disciplines. The scientific field is a familiar ground to most conservators but now also industry, technology and other fields may need to be approached.

To address the topics of cases, materials, good practice and teamwork we would like to organize a two day symposium with an additional workshop on 18-20th of November 2015 in Museum Boerhaave.

Please follow this link for more information and registration for this conference.

The organizing committee,

Auke Gerrits
Bart Grob

Museum Boerhaave