• Clearly it begins with an elemental respect for the object and the artist who created it. Before embarking upon a restoration, the condition of the object will be appraised by the restorer and should be properly documented.
  • During the course of a restoration, it is necessary to make the most of reversibility in its application and materials. The restorer is also expected to work with the appropriate equipment.
  • The restorer must make clear arrangements with the clients both practically and financially.
  • The restorer must remain abreast of all the newest developments within his/her field and of any improved safety measures and techniques.
  • The restorer must discuss his/her expertise, techniques etc. with colleagues whenever necessary.

N.B.: the full Code of Ethics of A.R.A. Nederland is outlined in the statutes of the association. A.R.A. also endorses the Code of Ethics of ECCO (European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers Organization).