In order to be able to represent the interests of our members as well as possible, we strive for a multi-faceted board. The board is therefore composed of restorers who practice various specialisations and have learned their trade from varied backgrounds. The ages also vary within the board, so that both the starting conservator and the colleague with longer experience are represented.


The boardmember from left to right on the picture:

Matteo Visser, Treasurer
Financial and membership administration, invoicing, questions and answers for entrepreneurs, membership of the Guidance Committee for the Register of Restorers (ERM).

Renate Postma, Secretary
Notary, secretarial correspondence and contact person secretariat, agenda management, ARA representative to the NCE

Erick Douwes, Chairman
Host, spokesperson, networker, representative, point of contact, meeting in the Guidance Committee for the Restorers Register (ERM)

Jitske van Groenland, Member of the Board
Chairperson and coordinator of the Education Committee, advice on the ARA website, ethical and content-related advice

Tim Kemperman, Member of the Board
Education Committee, special contacts, Facebook