De Deventer Steenhouwerij


steenhouwerij deventerTom Lamers is the 5th generation stonemason of his family. In 1868 his great-great-grandfather started as a stonemason in Amsterdam. Over the years, the profession was transferred from father to son and resulted in various well-known stone cutters in the Netherlands. He runs the artisanal stonemason in Deventer with his wife Irma Schreurs. In the company nothing is imported ready-made (not even grave work) and everything is made by hand. The workshop breathes craftsmanship and history, which they are very proud of. When great-grandfather Henk would walk in, he would still manage well in this workshop. Tom has an official companion paper through his 3-year internship in Germany and is one of the few with this diploma in the Netherlands. The work is very diverse, from laying floors to making tombstones, from restoration work at Paleis het Loo to the counter tops. Frequent use of hammer and chisel, old-fashioned operations such as scraping and frieze, but also profiles or pinnacles are made by hand. A CNC machine is swearing in the church within this company. Tom and his wife Irma are a real fighter for the craft and this results in many beautiful works in the field of restoration.


Tom Lamers
Arnhemstraat 6
7418CL Deventer

Phone: 0570-605954

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